Settings allows the player to change their game options as they see fit. The settings menu can be accessed by the main menu, as well as the player profile.

Account settingsEdit

Players can change options that have to do with their account.

  • Display name

This allows you to change your displayed username for Codemon. Players can change their name as many times as they wish.

Game settingsEdit

Players can enable or disable options for the following:

  • Sounds
  • Music
  • Use built-in scanner

This lets players use external scanner apps if they wish.

  • Kid safe

This enables or disables display names, profile pictures, and messaging.

  • Prompt for spells

This enables or disables the prompt for giving spells to Codemon going out to battle. If disabled, the prompt can still be reached by pressing the empty spell button before starting the battle.

Notification settingsEdit

Players can enable or disable notifications for the following:

  • Accepted battles
  • Direct battles
  • Selling items
  • Messages