The scanning menu.

Scanning (Scan on the main menu) is one of the core concepts of Codemon. By scanning barcodes, players can obtain Codemon, spells, and auras.


Barcodes will provide the same Codemon, spell, or aura every time they are scanned. They can only be scanned once per day; they are able to be re-scanned after waiting a twenty-four hour grace period.

Epic Codemon (rarer, alternate versions of Codemon) can be obtained at random from any barcode. Because they are random, one cannot keep scanning the same barcode to keep obtaining Epic Codemon. Also, because they are random, a player is not guaranteed an Epic of the same race Codemon that the barcode will provide (ie: a barcode that gives out a Gacoot may randomly give out an Epic Vercos).

Players can also only scan linear barcodes; QR barcodes and other two-dimensional barcodes are not compatible with Codemon.


There are five achievements related to scanning:

  • Scanning Spree (scan five barcodes in less than a minute)
  • Persistent Scanner (scan one barcode five times)
  • Bronze Scanner (scan 100 barcodes)
  • Silver Scanner (scan 1,000 barcodes)
  • Gold Scanner (scan 10,000 barcodes)