The quest menu.

A quest is an objective which concerns the scanning and obtaining of specific items.


Quests are commonly rewarded with one of the three kinds of Healing Potions or seldomly with a DrinkMe Potion.

A player has twenty-four hours exactly to fulfill the quest. After a quest has been fulfilled, the player may press the Claim Reward button to get their potion; the next quest is available exactly an hour later. If it was not fulfilled in the allotted time, a new quest will be assigned.

Possible questsEdit

Quest Reward
Scan 50 barcodes Healing Potion
Scan 20 Spells Healing Potion
Scan 5 Auras Healing Potion
Scan 1 Rare Spell and 1 rare Aura Healing Potion
Scan 1 Codemon, 1 Spell, and 1 Aura of (any element) Healing Potion
Scan a Diori DrinkMe Micro Potion
Scan a uncommon Spell of (any element) DrinkMe Mini Potion
Scan a rare Spell of (any element) DrinkMe Mini Potion
Scan an uncommon Aura of (any element) DrinkMe Mini Potion


There is one achievement related to quests:

  • Quest Master (complete twenty-five quests)