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Codemon are creatures from the game Codemon. They are captured by scanning barcodes. Each Codemon belongs to a community which determines their elemental type. There are currently ninety-two different races of Codemon: sixty-four normal Codemon and twenty-eight Arcane Codemon.
Codemon List

Codemon Type Chart by Solember


Each Codemon has stats that will affect how battles are carried out. Stats are different on every Codemon (not just by race) and no two Codemon of the same race are the same. Each Codemon has elemental power, characteristics, and a behavior.

Each race of Codemon also has an epic form, which gives them an alternative appearance.

A codemon can have up to 6 stats in any trait (physical attack, defense, endurance), but can only have 10 stats distributed over the 3.

Combining all these traits, there are 153,600 different possible Codemon.

An injured Codemon heals one Health Point every five minutes.